The national trust in England brought out a list of 50 things to do before your 11 3/4 which is wonderful, but after I went through it there was a few things on their list that didn’t make sense, for example they had go wild camping, but in the UK wild camping is illegal! I smelt a fish :-)

Bright Green Spider

So I scoured the internet and discovered it was similar to an American list of activities to do for kids. After reading the list some of the things was a little ridiculous for some kids to do like go abseiling, canoeing, visit an Island (Britain is one… lololo).

It would take heaps of money to travel to do these things so I came up with my own list of 105 things any kid can do before their 11 3/4.

In-fact if you’re an adult and there are things on the list you haven’t done, take an hour or two off and return to your childhood having fun making mud pies or cleaning out the shed for a hide away sanctuary.

Have a read of my list and tell me which were your favourite things you liked to do when you was a kid, or let me know if I missed anything, I’m sure there are lots :-)

1. Climb a tree
2. Roll down a hill
3. Grow a sunflower house
4. Build a den
5. Fly a kite
6. Catch a fish with a net
7. Eat an apple from a tree
8. Play conkers
9. Throw some snow
10. Skim a stone
11. Hunt for treasure on a beach
12. Dam a stream
13. Go sledging
14. Bury someone in the sand
15. Snail racing

Pebble Beach Art

16. Balance on a fallen tree
17. Swing on a rope
18. Eat blackberries growing in the wild
19. Grass singing
20. Hunt for fossils or bones
21. Climb a hill
22. See a waterfall
23. Find frogspawn
24. Catch a butterfly in a net
25. Pond dipping
26. Call an owl
27. Rock pooling
28. Catch a crab
29. Paddle in the sea
30. Chalk on the pavement
31. Nature walk at night
32. Tracking, leave stick arrows telling your friend where you went, see if they can find you.
33. Build a fire without matches
34. Cook food on a camp fire
35. orienteering
36. Geocaching
37. Worm charming
38. Build a sand castle
39. Mud pies
40. Grow a sunflower
41. Grow your own fruit and veg
42. Paddle in a river
43. Watch a spider spin a web
44. Build an insect house
45. Crayon rubbing

Hairy Caterpillar

46. Star gazing
47. Moth catching
48. Shadow puppets
49. Cloud watching
50. Make a rainbow
51. Make your own icicle
52. Build a tree house or take over a shed and have it as your head quarters
53. Jump Rope
54. Plant a butterfly garden
55. Hop-scotch
56. Pass time by looking at the sky through a trees leaves
57. Dance in the rain
58. Build a rock sculpture
59. Bury a time capsule
60. Have a picnic
61. Catch crickets
63. Make a snow angel
64. Draw outside
65. Blow bubbles
66. Go on a bike ride
67. Make a bird feeder
68. Watch the rain
69. Play kick ball
70. Hide and seek
71. Feed and watch animals
72. Water fight
73. Smell flowers
74. Kick leaves in autumn
75. Splash in a puddle


77. Look under rocks and logs see what you can find
78. Watch the sunrise and set
79. Make daisy Chains
80. Paddle in a clean stream
81. Spend a day taking pictures with a digital camera
82. Make a movie
83. Blow soap bubbles using just your hands
84. Bake cupcakes
85. Blow dandelions
86. Paint a picture outdoors
87. Sing around a campfire
88. Sing in the car or on a bus with the family
89. Donut eating contest – don’t lick your lips :-)
90. Play in a sprinkler
91. Paint a Pet Rock

Rock Painting

92. Grow a pumpkin
93. Grow a grass head
94. Play with a big cardboard box
95. Play with Walky talkies
96. Nature bingo
97. Photography competition with friends and family
98. Cook marshmallows over an open flame
99. Learn a dance with friends
100. Create a obstacle course
101. Paper boat racing
102. Pooh sticks
103. Make your own Christmas paper chains with your
104. Sword fighting build your own sword and shield (one of the best summers I ever had)
105. Learn keepy uppy’s