I’m going through a classical stage hearing Clint Mansell’s Lux Aeterna and I was thinking back to all the small introductions that I have enjoyed through my life so far of traditional or off the wall music.

I’m not into opera my regular musical pallet is rock, but I have been to see one opera so far in my life which was Gilbert and Sullivan’s HMS Pinafore.
It wasn’t my cuppa tea at all mainly because it’s out dated which then lead me to wonder if there is any modern opera out there in the world, then I remembered the Blue Diva from the movie 5th Element starring Bruce Willis

I remember when I first saw the movie thinking ‘wow this is awesome!’, ‘At last they’ve brought opera into modern times’, I got quite excited at the possibility of hearing opera in this new form, but nothing happened the film has been placed in the archives and so as the opera it contained :-(

It still makes me happy to hear this very short piece of opera. I can tell you that if there was an opera that contained this type of performance I would definitely go see it, but for me as opera stands today it doesn’t excite me.