A new Action Group designed to create Happiness in peoples lives has gone viral on the 12th April 2011, the site crashed because so many people went on the web-site on it’s launch date:)


My little blog has been live for just over a year and much of what I have read on Action for Happiness website about how to become a happier person is the same message I wrote on my introduction page and that came straight from my heart :)

Action for Happiness has some really good ideas that I’m definitely going to try and maybe incorporated into my Happy Karma Blog.

It’s nice to see that other people see things the way I do. I think deep down we all know how to be a good and happy person but for some unknown reason many of us don’t have the courage to step out exposed into the world to make a difference My self included :(

This site Happy People good Karma blog concentrates mainly on the individual’s Happiness since to spread happiness one has to heal ones self first, laughing and loving and being grateful for the little things around you is one way to do this.

Action for happiness goes one step further and encourages people to extend that happiness by reaching friendship to strangers.

Another website I read called Operation nice has the same sort of approach www.operationnice.com

I’m personally not ready for this step I’ve been burned way to many times by selfish and mean individuals which makes me defencive to help or extend a hand of friendship to my fellow man.

That’s why I set up this Good Karma Blog to heal myself from the disappointment of humanity, by focusing on things that’s great about humanity, our ingenuity, passion, laughter and love.

To try and put some reflection back into my life, to only concentrate on the good moments in life, but it’s hard when your surrounded by so much selfishness by others.

Unfortunately I do not trust my fellow man to act responsibly with my emotions. It’s sad but true the only explanation I have is it’s because of what others have done to me is the reason I have to hide my true nature to protect myself, you have to act like them to survive amongst them and I really don’t want that.

I’m fortunate that I have my Husband, he’s my island the one thing I can count on. He makes me happy, my perfect paradise I couldn’t ask for a better best friend :)

I Know by listening to myself what it is I need to do to be happy and it is what Action for Happiness has suggested and what Operation Nice promotes and that is to do kind acts for others.

I’m not religious but I can understand why people are drawn to religion, to connect to people with a similar thought process as you, to do good and act upon it in the safety of a religious community. which results in feelings of love and belonging in something greater than yourself. you will be loved by your fellow believers for the good you do and not taken advantage of or slapped out of the way, trodden on or abused, if someone is mean to you the religious community will have your back so to speak :).

I know the only way I could have the courage to do what I feel I need to do to find peace and happiness is to find a society that is loving and understanding, but for me without any religious affiliation. A community where everyone works towards bettering their surroundings and as a whole the human race.

Living amongst people as become so painful and frustrating for me and my beautiful husband that we are considering moving to the middle of the country side where their are no people so we can heal ourselves. Ignorance is bliss, if I don’t have to see, hear or smell them maybe I can forget they exist in ‘my world’ even if it’s just for a little while :)

I want to marvel at the brilliance and good of the human race not the slurry that seems to dominate it, seeping into every crack of society.

I hope one day I will be able to share all the good in the world with others, but I’m not ready to extent my hand out yet!

I know I have to to find complete happiness, but I haven’t found a community where this would be possible or people I can have faith in.

Maybe Action for Happiness will help me on my path in reaching out to others :)