Had a great April Fools Day :-)

The day started with me stuffing paper into the ends of my sons shoes and waiting to watching him try and put them on, but he put his shoes on when I wasn’t there :-(

Our son burst into the room grinning like a cat with sparkling wide eyes of joy with a huge smile plastered across his face and exclaimed “Dad’s pranked me! Dad got me!”

I never get the credit for doing fun stuff and I missed out on shouting the infamous words April Fool :-(

In the end it made it more fun and a huge surprise that it was his mum who had pranked him and not his dad. He wore a big smile on his face with pride :-), one of the best attributes about my son is he can take a joke and he makes me laugh at least once a day.

Unfortunately the April Fools rule is if your going to prank someone you should expect it back and my son got me good :-) the best April Fool I’ve had played on me!

We my son and I had to go shopping to get groceries, I had piled my trolley up, step forward to pay and realise I don’t have my credit card in a flustered panic I check my wallet for cash, there wasn’t any- my wallet was totally empty, falling into embarrassing panic a credit card was produced from my sons pocket and thrusted under my nose the the infamous words April Fool ringing in my ears.

With A smile on my face I give the cashier my credit card and then my son also producers every penny I should have had in my wallet, I broke out into laughter and gave my son a big hug and a kiss and we walked home laughing.

I’m impressed that my son took my money out of my wallet so the April Fools prank would have more emphases and no risk of him not getting the result he wanted, the look on my face must have been a picture :-)

I’ve never been so proud :-) Great prank! cheeky little **** :-)