I’ve been having fun doing a piece of art inspired by What I Like About Me.

It’s a quirky piece of Art I did using paint shop pro copying and pasting as well as drawing images on the things that best describes me and the things I love.

What I Like About Me

My eye is a rainbow to symbolise that I like to see new and exciting thing.

Behind me is a Cute Cuddle Monster which is my Hubby, he’s happy to snuggle me for hours everyday which makes me ecstatic! although he’d say it’s me who’s the cuddle monster LOL.

I gave myself a big smile because I’m always smiling and it also symbolises my youngest son, he makes me laugh everyday with his fantastic and quirky sense of humour.

My bodies a cupcake because I’m sweet , I also love to eat and bake cupcakes and I look more like a cupcake than a super model :).

I like photography, art, Rose Tea, Robins, Wildflowers, Djembe, hats, walking, nature and colourful tops. OH and jeans I always wear Jeans.

I think in about 5 years time I’ll do another one to see whats changed since with every waking day we become someone different, it’ll be interesting to see who I am then.

Give it a go! It’s a great art project that anyone can do, if you put it on your wall it could be a great talking point for visitors to your home.

Good Karma begins with you.