Summer is close to an end here in the UK, not that we got a good summer this year, I can’t remember what the sun looks like :-) and now the weather is turning. There is a chill in the air and I’m thinking about jumpers and cute accessories like animal hats, warm drinks and snuggling up on the sofa or couch if you American :-)

Although winter is close by, there is still lots you can do and plenty of fun to be had in the autumn months, fall is a month full of colour and fun and to help you get the best out of it I’ve made a Fall Bucket List.

Fall Bucket List

Photographer Marie Law click on image to see full size

Fun things to do in the Fall/Autumn
1. Apple Picking
2. Carve a Pumpkin
3. Swing on a rope swing
4. Watch scary movies
5. Take a nature walk
6. Make leaf art
7. Make toffee apples
8. Visit a graveyard
9. Photo-shoot in a leaf pile
10. Bake apple crumble or pie
11. Make a movie
12. Build a scarecrow
13. Bonfire, S’mores and scary stories
14. Ghost photography
15. Watch a sunset

If you’ve got any ideas about fun stuff to do in the Fall, drop a comment below and tell the world all about the fun you and your family get up to in the Autumn season.