We love the TV show Big Bang Theory, we’ve been avid fans since it first came on to British TV screens

We all enjoy singing along to the bare naked ladies song Big Bang Theory on the opening titles on the TV Series, but all of us would fill in the words we didn’t know with la, la la :), so for the past week we all got together and have learned the words to the Big Bang Theory.

We’ve been singing it every where on our daily walks, in the kitchen or just joining in when someone else is singing the Big Bang song without noticing I woke up this morning singing it and when my hubby woke up 4 hours after me (he works late) he was singing it :)

It’s been a lot of fun and now when we settle down to watch Lenard, Sheldon, Penny, Rajesh and Howard we can sing along happily to the Big Band Theory theme tune.

One of my favourite sketches from the program has to be the Christmas special when Penny give Sheldon a napkin signed by his hero Lenard .


I didn’t know that the theme tune was an actual song by the bang The Bare Naked Ladies, I have to confess we haven’t learned all the lyrics to the song Big Bang Theory it a bit fast and complicated and I get tongue tied at the best of times :)

I’ve included a video with the Lyrics for the Big BANG Theme Tune in full by the Bare Naked Ladies for all the die hard fans of both the Big Bang Theory TV Series and The Bare Naked Ladies band, Enjoy!.