Awesome, Awesome, Awesome

I’m here to spread the word Bon Jovi Experience is the best tribute band ever!

Totally Electric! as close as you can get to the real thing.

My favourite by far :)

I thought it wasn’t possible but they where even better than last year!

Loved every minute of it, Bon Jovi Experience is a close as you get to Bon Jovi. The band is amazing not one note missed they play ever riff and beat exactly the same as the original songs, their all amazing.

I’ve been to many tribute bands and many of the musicians miss out difficult notes making the experience a bit flat at times with Bon Jovi Experience you have no such fears the music is spot on.

A full 2 hrs of Rocking fun! I only sat down twice all night and that was to Bed of Roses and Never say good bye which I spent in the arms of my hubby. In fact I forgot where I was until I turned around, What can I say I love my Hubby. it ,as like we where the only ones in the room for a few minutes :)

I danced all night and we even got pointed at by the lead singer, me and my son was jumping up and down like a pair of nutters :) I think he spotted my sons hat that looked a bit like the guitar players hat and he pointed us out to the lead guitarist. We where right at the back I have no idea how he even saw us :)

I like to be at the back so I can dance the night away without having to worry about getting in any one’s way although I usually manage to scare people away who sit to close with my very loud woo! Hubby says I have an awesome WOO :)

I’ve cleared many a seat, but my philosophy and Bon Jovi’s for that matter is you only live once so live it loud :) I don’t want to be like everyone else.

Have to say the audience at the Embassy Theatre was Brilliant, everyone was on their feet dancing which is unusual since people can be suck to their seats at other shows we’ve been to.

I think the audience being so animated is all due to the lead singer who is constantly getting people up out of the chairs :) everyone was having a good time.

I lost my voice this morning from all my wooing, LOL, what can I say I want them to know how much I appreciate them and how happy their making me :)

The lead singer is really enthusiastic. He dresses Sings, moves and looks like Bon Jovi He also goes as far as to talk in an American New Jersey accent which is impressive. He’s engaging with the audience all the way through the show getting the audience to sing, clap and dance which is what makes a good show, the more ways to get an audience involved the better.

I’m glad to say I don’t need to be told to stand up I’m already up :), but a lot of people do particularly if your sat with other people directly behind you it can make you feel awkward, so it’s important that a lead singer feels confident enough to help the audience let their hair down.

With Bon Jovi Experience Tribute band you get a real authentic experience, I even think that the show is based on an actual Bon Jovi concert, My hubby’s a huge Bon Jovi fan as well as having Bon Jovi’s albums he also has Live Gigs and Bon Jovi Experience reminds me of one of the live concerts I’ve had to listened to over and over again 24/7 :)

My son who has taken up the guitar was listening intently at all the different guitars that was played in the Bon Jovi Experience to see which he liked the best, he thought the double neck guitar that the lead guitarist (Richie:)) was playing was cool!.

Our son has been toying with the idea of an electric guitar (he has a beginner classical guitar) but he’s recently fell in love with a piece of classical music Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata and is thinking about sticking with his Classical Guitar for now, We’ll see if he still thinks that way in a month or two when he changes his mind ‘Again’ :)

We will probably never get to see Bon Jovi live in Concert (unless Bon Jovi comes to Skegness LOL), so Bon Jovi Experience is the closest we will ever get to the original band, their a great Tribute band we’ll be in their audience for as long as they keep playing, they’ve got themselves life long fans if they want us that is :)

Go see Bon Jovi Experience it will be one of the best days of your life!