What’s a bucket and spade list I here you say, A bucket and spade list is a non serious version of the mighty bucket list, a list of small stuff you should do once in your life while having a laugh.

Bucket and Spade list is made up of small things you don’t need to rob a bank to achieve, risk your life in pursuing or have to go on a health bender to start.

We might have got a bit carried away when we wrote our bucket and spade list and threw a few things we would like to do that should be on a bucket list, but hey you have to have a few dreams to work towards :)

Bucket and Spade List

My hubby and I came up with the idea of a bucket and spade list while out for a walk talking about stuff we would like to do in the future and it turned from serious stuff to off the wall crazy things like taking a picture hugging a hoodie and sending it to David Cameron with the tag line now it’s your turn :) (English political joke)

So the Bucket and spade list was born for people who aren’t made of money and don’t take life too seriously.

I looked up online to see if the term Bucket and Spade list had been used before, but I got a list of tourist destinations from travel companies ‘Boring!’ :)

So your challenge today is to make a Bucket and Spade List and get started on making some crazy memories

Bucket and Spade List

  • Go to a sport event and be on the big screen
  • See an otter
  • See a red squirrel
  • Find a Fossil
  • Find 100 stones with natural holes in them carved out by the sea
  • Find an artifact with a metal detector
  • Say yes to something you wouldn’t normally do once a month
  • Learn Archery
  • Skim a stone across water make it skip 10 times or more
  • Get re-married in Vegas
  • Star gaze in Hawaii
  • Go to a comic or sci fi convention
  • Collect a stone from every beach we visit
  • Visit all the counties in England
  • Be an extra in a film
  • Make a short movie
  • Grow a vegetable patch
  • Grow a green gage tree from seed
  • Participate in a carnival
  • Leave hand prints in concrete
  • Partake in weird events around the UK
  • Paddle in all 7 oceans (my hubbies idea, but more than likely it will end up being paddle in the sea around the UK)
  • Live in London for a year or two
  • Fly in a plane
  • Write a book for Dave (my hubby)
  • Join in and see as many festivals as possible
  • Shake hands with the queen/king
  • Learn a language (I’m going for french I want to move to Canada :))
  • Learn to snorkel
  • Join a drumming group
  • Create a Youtube video which receives over 100,000 hits
  • Paint a large rock and call him Steve :)
  • Participate in fun runs wearing a silly costumes
  • Create a conspiracy theory/hoax
  • Passionately Participate in a protest you have no interest in
  • Graffiti a wall
  • Convince strangers your a different nationality (I’m going for Irish it’s the only accent I can do :))
  • Go see an Elvis tribute
  • Build a tree house and don’t let the kids use it :)
  • Learn tight rope walking
  • Flamboyantly participate in a gay pride parade and support the gay movement

Leave a comment below and tell us what’s on your bucket and spade list, it could help give others some great ideas for their bucket and spade lists and support the gay movement.