Spent the evening playing around with long exposure photography with the family, my hubby and son did the spinning I was happy behind the camera on this occasion :)

Our son singed his head a little :), I have no idea how he managed it since we went out with every piece of our skin covered wearing balaclavas, gloves, goggles the works.

Burning Wire Wool Photography

It’s an easy photography project to do and the results are stunning, anyone can achieve burning wire wool photography using a digital camera that allows you to take long exposure images.

I’m using a Fuji Fine pix HS20 EXR this camera is rubbish yet I still got some good images.

You will need to set your camera on manual mode we set our camera at ISO 100, F11, B mode for bulb (which allows you to take long exposure photography).

Don’t ask me exactly what these setting are or mean I don’t get it myself, and take into consideration your camera might have different settings, I’ve included a YouTube Video that explains how to do burning wool photography and how to set up your camera to help you.

You need a tripod or you will not get a good picture, safety gear – gloves and goggles are important also I would recommend you cover every part of your skin. I’ve watched some YouTube videos where some numpites spin burning wire wool wearing just T-shirts, idiots!.

Burning Wire Wool Photography

To focus on your subject (the person who is going to spin) place them in the right position and shine a torch on them so the camera can focus correctly.

My camera doesn’t have a timer so I had to hold the button down during the spin, I held the button down for about 8 seconds or until the wire wool had burned out.

That’s it, simple really :)

Make sure though you are in a place where no one will walk past or in a place where nothing could catch fire like dry grass or buildings.

A good time to do burning wire wool photography is when there has been a heavy or prolonged down pour of rain, anywhere there is concrete and little else to burn or the beach will make good places to start.

One tip: Try to have something the sparks from the wire wool can bounce off of to give a more dramatic picture.

Be warned the sparks go quite high and spread out far so make sure safety of yourself and other is paramount.