I was having a bad day yesterday and my hubby cheered me up, bless him :)

I was tiding up our living room and I found a couple of drumstick our son had abandoned in a cupboard as well as a load of other stuff he’d crammed in their for months, after moaning about how kids are incapable of putting their things away, blackening my mood even further my hubby shouted “quick grab them drumsticks you just found” I picked them up and went to give them him when he put the Cadburys chocolate Gorilla commercial on his computer turning the volume to max.

With two drum sticks in my hand there was nothing left to do other than AIR DRUM! :)

I let my hair down and air drummed my heart out.

Epic Phil Collins song awesome Cadburys Chocolate Commercial.

I got my hubby to play the YouTube video well over 7 times each time as fun as the last, we were both laughing or heads off by the end of it, turned my mood right around :).