My son took me Grass hopper chasing today and I caught my first ever Cricket.

I don’t really like insect and tend to admire them from afar, I have great respect for them, I never deliberately kill insect or arachnids, I’ve taught all my children to be respectful to insect and treat them with care because there so important to life on this planet, but handling them NO WAY!

Grass Hopper

It was a lovely hot summers day (yes we do get them in England it’s not all rain :)) and my son gathered together his jam jar and asked me if I wanted to go with him :)

We went to a place he knew there was lots of Grass hoppers and Crickets in the shallow grass and he taught me how to catch a Cricket I never realised how many different species of Grasshoppers and Crickets there are varying in shape and size.

After about an hour I eventually caught one I held it carefully in my hand.

when I opened it to see the insect the Cricket just sat in my hand happily sun bathing and enjoying his high perch. I could barely feel it at all, not as bad as I imagined it would be.

I sat down on the grass and admired the little fellow up close. he or she was beautiful light brown back with a light bright green body and lovely big eyes. I sat with the Cricket on my hand until my son told me we had to go :(.

I’m planning to go with my son again Grasshopper Chasing, it was a lot of fun.