Fun Things to do in January

If your feeling blue because the party season is over don’t be, there are plenty of wacky and wonderful celebrations to enjoy in January.

I’ve decided to include some of my own Wacky Holidays this year for my family to enjoy ever month, there is no reason attached to them there just for a laugh anything in the list below with a star are my own ideas to brighten your day.

1st January Find a Present Day ***

2nd January National Science Fiction Day
5th January National Bird Day
National Whipped Cream Day
6th Cuddle Up Day
7th Old Rock Day
8th Bubble Bath Day
11th January National Step in a Puddle and Splash Your Friend Day

13th January Mud Mask Day ***

15th January National Strawberry Ice Cream Day

17th January Make a Hat for Dinner Day ***

19th January National Popcorn and a Movie Day ***

21st January National Hugging Day
23rd January Bubble Gum Racing Day ***
Jan 25 National Irish Coffee Day
Jan 26 Spouses Day
Jan 27 National Chocolate Cake Day
Jan 28 National Kazoo Day
Jan 29 National Puzzle Day
Jan 31st Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day
Inspire Your Heart with Art Day

Find a present Day on the 1st January: to celebrate this wacky holiday simply wrap a small present for everyone in your family, hide it some where in the house and have them find their present. This is a great way to bring in the new year :-)

Mud Mask Day 13th January: treat yourself to a home spa experience by covering your face in a mud pack. Make your own or buy from a store but everyone has to give it a go including the fellas :-)

Make a Hat Day and Wear it to Dinner 17th January : Speaks for itself, you make a hat out of whatever you want and wear it to dinner.

Popcorn and Movie Day 19th January: Settle down on a cold winters night and watch a film together, my favourite pass time :-)

Bubble Gum Racing Day 23rd January: How many bubbles can you blow in a minute