My husband took me to a cemetery today, no he’s not planning my demise :-), he took me to a sweet little cemetery called St Clement’s Church in Skegness, so I could take some photographs of the wild life in the church yard, the beautiful headstones and church.

Cemetery Angel

I’m into photography, so this was a great surprise for me.

Got some nice shots, I enjoyed it a lot. Really thoughtful and sweet of my lovely hubby :)

Bird HeadstoneCemetery

My hubby trod in some dog poo, so I don’t think he’ll be taking me back there again, there’s nothing my husband hates more than irresponsible dog owners who don’t care enough about the environment and this sweet little cemetery was covered in it :(.

Still it was a great day out and a happy memory for me, I have the pictures to prove it.

Lady With Cross

He also later took me to Gibraltar Point Nature Reserve later in the day where I got a picture of a weird looking spider. My son spotted the spider on a blade of grass which was an amazing find.

Bright Green Spider

Saw I think a Willow warbler, pied Wagtail and took a great picture of some wild daisies
that where growing at the side of the road. Daisies are one of my favourite flowers.

Missed an opportunity to capture on camera a pied wagtail that had caught a butterfly, but I did get a good photo of a pied wagtail that day, so not to bad.

My hubby recently had a back operation and in the last 10 years we’ve never gone out twice in a day, so today has been an exceptional day for us.

On the way home we listened to classical music which was awesome a perfect ending to a perfect day :)

Pied WagtailWild DaisiesWillow Warbler