Had a great time at the Chinese State Circus

My hubby got pulled up on stage to perform with the monkey king and 3 other unsuspecting men.

My hubby shone, he was amazing and made everyone in the theatre laugh :-)the other men on stage just did as they were told my hubby was unique and memorable.

The four men including my husband stood in a line facing the audience my better half was second in line. The challenge was to copy the monkey king and do what he did. The young man at the front of the line was given a really complicated kung fu moves which included spinning around after he had done it the monkey approached my hubby so he grabbed the man standing next to him and swapped places with him lol…

The second man was given his routine of running on all fours around the stage. The Monkey king approached my hubby for his turn at which point my husband grabbed his knee and pretended he’d hurt himself the whole audience was in stitches as the monkey king and my hubby communicated through mime (the monkey king doesn’t speak) my hubby was limping and waving his hands to say he couldn’t do it then he looked up at the audience and gave a cheeky grin.

The Monkey king swapped my hubby round with the last man in the chain, after he had done his part it was at last my DH’s turn, the monkey king got him to stick his bottom out and run across the stage scratching his backside, at which point I exploded into loud clapping, wooing and yelled GO Dave!

The fun’s still wasn’t over. The monkey king then got the four men to sit on stool and laid then back so there heads was on each other laps then he took their stools away from under them, my hubby was at the back.

Just before he took the last stool away the monkey king asked the audience if he should remove the last stool from under the biggest man, the audience shout out Yes at which point my hubby lifted his head up and yelled NO! an irritating family behind us who all night had been pointing out the obvious loudly all through the show (don’t you just love a running commentary. Not :-)) ‘who said that’ ask one ‘that man at the back replied another’ :-).

The monkey king got the audience to shout Yes again and my hubby yelled back NO, NO lol

my hubby said he had no idea what was going on but he figured it couldn’t be good so he decided to object :-) the last stool was removed and all four men stayed in the air supported my each other.

My hubby looked so relaxed on stage, but he told me he wasn’t that calm inside, he said when he realised what was happening he said to himself before going up on stage ‘I’ve always wondered what I would be like in a situation like this’, well I can safely say Awesome quite frankly :-)

He also said he wanted to make it memorable for me and didn’t want to be like everyone else stiff and awkward. well I can tell you he was non of those thing and I will remember my hubby on stage for ever.

Thanks Babe I Love You :-)

I’m the only one who hasn’t been up on stage. My eldest got pulled up on stage for Shakespeare Abridged, my youngest got pulled out the audience to do a little skit with Graffiti Classic and now my hubby with the monkey king in the Chinese State Circus.

I’ve had a performer run around the audience and pretend to vomit in my lap and when I sat on the front row during vampires rock I was stirred at by Steve Steinman which scared the crap out of me, I didn’t know where to look and it lasted ages :-) but I’m yet to go up on stage. I don’t think I’d be as good at it as my husband, he’s got a quick wit which I lack, I’m happy to see them enjoying themselves and giving me memories never to forget :-)