Happy Collect a Rock Day!

You might be thinking what’s so great about Collecting Rocks, but in fact there is loads of things you can do with rocks.

Collect a Rock Day is a great excuse to go to the beach or digging in your garden, if your a bit put off by dirt you can always take a trip to a garden center and buy some nice clean rocks, and sit having a coffee in a green space.

Stone Necklace

I went out yesterday to collect my rock along the beach, I was looking for something specific a rock with a hole in it to make a necklace.

There really hard to find, but it’s a lot of fun trying :), my hubby found my rock which makes it extra special to wear around my neck.

Not easy finding one on a sandy beach, but as you can see from the picture my hubby found me a good one :)

A stone necklace is simple to make, all you need is a stone with a hole in it, a shoe lace and thats it.

If your lucky enough to find lots of rocks with holes in them but there to big to go around your neck you can make a string of them and hang it on your wall or outside as a wind charm.

Here are some other ideas you can do with rocks on Collect Rocks day

1. Play Mancala game, one of my personal favourites
2. Paint then
3. Wrap them in yarn and use as a paper weight
4. Make photo holders by wrapping wire around them and creating a hook at the top to hold your photo
5. Make a Inukshuk or make a Cairn by stacking different sized flat rocks on top of each other
6. Find a Worry Stone, a small stone that you can hold in your hand and easily keep in your pocket, some people while they think like to move something in there hand.
7. Spell words or make a picture on the beach or garden
8. Create a Chinese Meditation Garden, all you need is gravel and a rake/garden brush
9. Skip A rock across water
10. Make a pet Rock
11. Melt Old Crayons on rocks, (boys young and old love this one:)) heat the rocks up on a camp fire, pull the rocks away from the fire with a stick and melt wax crayons on them.