I came up with a great idea a few years back for the family.

My kids used to count the days down to Christmas with a store bought Advent Calendar the same as many other kids do.


Then I changed it and came up with hiding Kinder surprise eggs in the tree so they could hunt them down in the morning, you’d be surprised how well you can hide a kinder egg in a tree.

All was well, until they got to old for Kinder toys.

What’s a mother to do when your kids hit a age where they still want to participate in the Christmas Count Down, but there to old for the usual advent calendar?

I solved this dilemma by coming up with a adult version of the Christmas advent calendar.

What I do is write down fun ideas on small pieces of paper to do that day together, then I pop them in a box and they pull them out at random, one for each day.

Family Activities could be – go feed the duck, go buy a special cake and have with a nice cuppa tea, make Lego models, put up the Christmas decorations, go on a hot chocolate walk. The list of simple things to do together is endless and it means you get to spend quality time together at Christmas.

I would recommend that if you have any Christmas Festivals lights switch on in your town for example or Church services planned for the Christmas period that you include these as part of your advent calendar to give yourself a day or two off before Christmas day.

This Family Christmas advent calendar can be adapted for adults.

When the kids have grown up and left home do something nice for the one you love.

You could Make a prepare breakfast in bed, give a foot rub, rent a feel good movie or go to a nice restaurant.

Ideas for activities to do on your advent calendar is limitless and it’s a great Family Christmas event on the run up to Christmas.