We got attacked by a crab after saving it’s life no less :)

We’re having an Indian Summer in the UK with temperatures reaching 28 degrees, so what do you do with blue skies and hot summer sun? You head to the beach :)

We spotted a seagull throw a crab into the air, hubby saw where it dropped so he rushed off into the sea to find it.

It was in a fighting mood after almost becoming a seagulls dinner, hubby had found his match I think :)

We also saw a seal swimming just off shore, Awesome!, the beach was filled with loads of people but we where the only ones to spot the seal, at first I thought it was a dog swimming too far out, took a closer look once I noticed there were no concerned owners and saw it was a seal.

Spotted a Guillemot, saw a seagull dive from an height into the sea and watched sailing boats out at sea. A fantastic start to October? LOL.

It’s like being in the mediterranean here in England and I’m loving it :)