OOER, we saw a red parrot flying around Gibraltar Point Nature Reserve.

It’s not everyday you see a parrot in England flying in the sky, I guess it had either escaped or someone had released it, but wow what a wonderful and unusual thing to see.

Crimson Rosella Parrot

Seeing that beautiful red parrot flying free made me happy, I really hate it when people own birds as pets, a bird should be free to fly the skies not imprisoned in a cadge for the entertainment of humans, (it’s my own pet peeve, everyone has them :-)).

It was a wonderful sight to behold, parrots are such wonderful flyers and so colourful, it filled my heart with joy to see it enjoying it’s freedom.

Red Crimson Rosella Parrot

I think it was a crimson Rosella parrot, it had joined up with a group of magpies and was flying around with them. They seemed happy enough to have the parrot with them, the magpies wasn’t chasing it away or attacking it, so I guess they had accepted the small red parrot and was happy to have this cute crimson rosella parrot flying with them.

Red Parrot

It was a great sighting, you never know what you will see if you just look up from the floor once in a while. I’m glad my hubby has a good pair of eyes or we would have missed it, no one else seemed to have noticed a bright red parrot flying around them, I have no idea how you could missed a crimson Rosella,
it’s a stunning parrot.

Parrot Gibraltar Point Nature Reserve

Parrots in the UK isn’t as unusual as it sounds. escapee parrots took up residence in the London some years ago, there is now a large colony of green parrots in London and it is being debated if they should now be considered to be a British bird species since they stay all year round.