We where out late last night for our walk and we got to see a red moon rise off of the horizon and into the sky.

Red Moon

One of the most breath taking things I have ever seen.

The red moon rose up over the sea and left below a shimmering deep orange carpet of light off of the water and along the wet sand.

Absolutely magical.

We where lucky to see this :) and I’m thrilled. Still on a high this morning :) we’ve never seen anything quite as dramatic and magical as a red moon rising into the sky.

The red moon peeped over the sea and at first my hubby thought it was some kind of tent that the work men where using at the off shore wind farm (they where out in force last night mending the turbines), it was so red and illuminated add that to the hour it was around 10.30pm ish at night (I never knew the moon could rise so late?) it wasn’t until we saw the familiar face of the moon that we knew for sure it was the moon.

It took our breath away.

Had we have gone for our walk any earlier or later we would have missed it.

There was high cloud, but luckily non on the horizon which meant we got to see the hole show before the moon slowly turned to orange and then back to it’s usual white colour and disappeared behind a thick blanket of cloud.

I was so Happy I cried, the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen.

Now I want to see it again :)