The new series of Doctor Who has started with Asylum of the Daleks, OH yeh!.

I love Doctor Who and I’ve been waiting, what feels like an eternity, to see it all year and now the time has come :-)

Doctor Who and Amy Pond

I used to hate the old Doctor Who series when I was a kid, found them old, stuffy and boring, but since Doctor Who returned in 2006 with Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor, I’ve been hooked and I’m an official Doctor Whovian, although I prefer a sexy Whovet :-)

I’ve become a pinterest fan and I spotted a great Doctor Who workout that made me laugh, so I made my own I’m definitely going to give it a go for a laugh during re-runs of Doctor Who, I have a feeling I’ll be fit in no time :-)

Doctor Who Workout

Since I’m celebrating the return of the new series of Doctor Who here is a touch of nostalgia in the form of Doctor Who Hey Song