I saw one of these Doctor Who Workout posters on Pinterest and decided to make my own. I wanted to create something nice for the Doctor Who fan to print out and proudly place at the side of their TV.

Doctor Who Workout Poster

I thought a Doctor Who workout poster would be a brilliant idea for when your watching re-runs of Doctor Who and would be something you could get your fellow Whovians’ (your best mates) round and have a go at the Doctor Who workout on a Saturday night, my hubby and I have this firmly on the calendar of fun things to do when we’re bored.

I made the poster non specific so it can be used with any Doctor not just the current one, taking elements from the show that are generic to the series like the sonic screwdriver or the Tardis.

You don’t have to stick with the Doctor Who workout religiously some artistic license id encouraged in adapting the workout to suit your fitness level, or even better come up with your own, why not! you could for example have a core workout one that concentrates on your abs or a yoga Doctor Who workout, the possibilities are endless.

OH and although it say : ‘when you see a Dalek RUN! on the poster, it also includes any Doctor Who monster or bad guy, I just used Dalek because it’s the classic Doctor Who monster and the one people most associate with Doctor Who.

At the moment the current Doctor is played by Matt Smith and I really wanted to put something into the Doctor Who workout something for River Song and the 11th Doctors personal quirks like fixing his bow tie and saying things are cool, but then the 10th Doctor who was played by David Tenant had a great catch fraise of Alon zee, so I decided to leave them out and not to be to specific on the current Doctor Who in the series, but if you want you could make up your own Doctor Who workout that is for the Doctor of your choice.

Enjoy have fun and let me know how you get on.