Met Dr Geebers the Pebble Man today on Skegness Beach in Lincolnshire.

He’s building a formula one racing car out of beach pebbles on Skegness beach and it’s awesome!

Dr Geebers (his artistic name) is an artist that builds 3D sculptures out of pebbles on UK beaches and his story is inspiring.

The Pebble Man (as he is also known) is an homeless guy who has set himself the challenge of visiting UK beaches, bringing coastal communities a piece of his wonderful pebble art to enjoy for free and we were lucky enough to have him visit Skegness this very Bracing North East holiday resort in February!

Dr Geebers art is amazing, he’s a really interesting guy and his adventure is inspirational.

The Pebble Man has been all over the UK, he started his journey in Brighton in 2009 and has been 3/4 way around the coastline of Britain, he’s traveled over 4,800 mile to get to Skegness. When he ends his all round trip (ending back in Brighton) he will have covered 6,000 miles on foot.

Yes he’s walked all the way around the coastline of the UK, his journey so far has taken almost 2 years.

He walked from the South, up the West Coast of England into Wales, up into Scotland and is now on his way back down South through the East coast.

He has made some brilliant pieces of art work from pebbles including boats, bees, birds, flowers and dragons throughout the coastline of the British Isles.

When he leaves Skegness he will be heading down towards Norfolk along the coast to London then back towards Brighton visiting beaches along the way, he doesn’t know where he will end up until he gets there, he has his own Facebook page Visit Dr. Geebers on Facebook so you can follow him on the web.

If your lucky enough to have The Pebble Man visit a beach near you then do look after him and donate what you can to help him complete his journey. He’s not claiming benefits, so survives on the generosity of those who appreciate his beach pebble art work. You can also donate via PayPal at Dr. Geebers Pebble Art. After his epic journey around the UK coastline, he plans to rebuild his life.

Some people are really mean to the homeless, in Skegness he had his tent set alight and he lost his sleeping bag and cooking equipment in the fire :(

Someone donated a new tent and some blankets where rustled up for Dr Geebers, but it does prove homeless people are vulnerable, so like I said if you are lucky enough to have him visit your town please look after him.

If he visits your seaside town do give him a wave and have a chat, he doesn’t bite, though you might have trouble getting a word in edge ways as he never stops talking :-)

Believe it or not, but charities haven’t wanted to help the Pebble Man on his journey, not even homeless charities! Which has left me scratching my head since, Dr Geebers is a great example of an homeless man trying to get back on his feet and make his life better, isn’t that the whole point of charities to help people make better lives for themselves?

If you want to know where Dr Geebers the Pebble man will be, follow him on Facebook and become a fan of his pebble art, there are quite a few Pebble Man YouTube videos online and he’s been in local papers in some of the places he’s visited.