Comment on Euro Millions Lottery Winner by Marie.

As strange as it sounds, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have the cartwheeling down the street/crack open the champagne kind of reaction. I’d panic, first of all. Then, once I’d managed to calm myself down, I’d figure out what sum of money I could reasonably expect to guarantee me financial security for the rest of my life, then put it away. I’d want to use my money to help others as well, but there’s no sense in doing that first if it’s going to leave you needing the very help you offer.

Then I’d pay my mortgage off. Let’s face it – no-one would choose to be in debt, whether that’s a mortgage, a student loan or a credit card debt, and I’m no exception.

But aside from that, the two things I’d really like to do more of are travelling and gaming. So if I ever won it big on the Lottery, I’d have more holidays and I’d never be without the latest PlayStation. The vast majority of the win would probably just sit in the bank until I thought of something fun I’d like to do, much as my disposable income does now.