Comment on Euro Millions Lottery Winner by Happy Chile.

I would be manic with excitement and probably pass out from shock. I wouldn’t crack open the champagne because I don’t drink, but I would probably shower my self in smoothies :-)
I’d run outside and say “hello” to everyone I meet and not give a dame if they ignored me, might even give money to the people who said Hi back :-)

After that point all that was my life before would be left behind and I’d never look back.

We would scuba dive in the oceans, fly high above the continents, sail the seven seas in our yacht and travel the world and not settle down until we were to old to travel anymore :-)

We’d have a big house with lots of land that was all ours and I would create a wildlife area for nature, just us my family and nature side by side that’s what I would love.

I’d have a pool, go karts, quad bike, you name it if it’s fun I’d have it, buy a motor home and see the all the UK before passing on what’s left of my money in the end to my local community, maybe to create a beautiful park filled with flowers, that’s what I would do if I became a millionaire over night.

Did I mention I’d have lots of fun :-)

Don’t know if you noticed but I’d plan on not having much left in the end hence the motor home LOL