We went to a fireworks display at the theme park Fantasy Island in Skegness, we got two free firework displays straight after the fireworks at Fantasy Island Butlins let there’s off which was awesome, I Love Fireworks.

While we were at Fantasy Island we decided to take long exposure photographs of the rides.

I made a video of all the long exposure pictures we’ve done so far.

We had everything against us when we got to Fantasy Island the rides were closed for the fireworks, then they opened up again but to our surprise very few of the rides had lights on them, the roller coaster was in total darkness which was a bummer, my hubby got a bad back from standing around and then it started to rain.

Still got some nice shots though :)

We got a couple of shots that were OK to say it was our first time at taking long exposure pictures of at a theme park, I’ll have to wait until next year to get some more shots of the fun fair rides, I might try Bottons Pleasure Beach next time :)