The sun is out, the sky is blue, so lets party :) Bored with Barbeques then have no fear their are other celebrations to keeping the summertime entertaining

Month Long Fun Celebrations in June

International Insect Month
International Tennis Month
International Fruit Month

Week Long Celebrations in June

1st-7th June – Fishing Week
6th-12th June – Heart Rhythm Week
8th-15th June – Clay Week
16th-23rd June – Camping Week
18-26th June – Bike week

Fun Days in June

1st June – Donut Day
1st June – Oscar the grouches Birthday

2nd June – Radio Day

4th June – Cheese Day

5th June – Gingerbread Day

6th June – Drive in Movie Day
6th June – Yo Yo Day

8th June – Ocean Day

9th June – Donald Ducks Birthday

10th June – Ball Point Pen Day
10th June Ice Tea Day

12th June – Baseball Day
12th June – Magic Day

13th June – Roller Coaster Day

15th June – Power of a Smile Day
15th June – Fudge Day

16th June – World Juggling Day

18th June – Picnic Day

19th June – Fathers Day
19th June – Garfield’s Birthday
19th June – Taz’s Birthday

20th June – Ice Cream Soda Day

21st June – Summer Solstice

23rd June – Pink Day
23rd June – Soap Opera Day

24th June – Wrong Trouses Day

26th June – Chocolate Pudding Day

30th June – Superman’s Birthday