Month Long Celebrations in October

Apple Month
Pop Corn Month
Dessert Month
Pizza Month
Roller Skating Month
Cookie Month
International Drum Month

Week long Celebrations in October

Week 3 Craft Week
Week 4 Teen Read Week
Week 1 Get Organized Week
Week 2 Pet Peeve Week

World Rain forest Week 10-16th October

Day Celebrations in October

International Frugal Fun Day – first Saturday of the month
National Costume swap Day – 2nd Saturday in October

1st October – Home Made Cookies day
1st October – Vegetarian Day

2nd October – Name Your Car Day
2nd October – Peanuts Comic Day

3rd October – Oktoberfest in Germany

4th October – Miniature Golf Day

5th October – McDonald’s Day
5th October – Do Something Nice Day

6th October – Motion Picture Day
6th October – Mad Hatter Day

7th October – American Bandstand Day
7th October – World Smile Day

8th American Touch Tag Day

9th Curious Events Day
9th John Lennon’s Birthday

11th It’s My Party Day
11th Take Your Teddy Bear to Work Day

14th National Dessert Day – take an extra helping, or two
14th World Egg Day – second Friday of the month
14th Winnie the Poo Day

15th Sweetest Day Third Saturday of month

16th Dictionary Day
16th world food day

17th Wear Something Gaudy Day

20th Monster Mash Day

22th Make a Difference Day- fourth Saturday of the month
22th National Nut Day

25th Punk for a Day Day
25th World Pasta Day
25th Picasso’s Birthday

27th National Tell a Story Day – in Scotland and the U.K

28th Frankenstein Friday – last Friday in October

29th Hermit Day

30th Mischief Night

31th Carve a Pumpkin Day
31th Halloween
31th Increase Your Psychic Powers Day