March is a big month for fun days to Celebrate I’ve only included fun holidays in the month of March, things people can have a laugh doing with family and friends, if one or two serious holidays have slipped pass me you have my apologies :)

2nd week in March is Bubble gum and Croquet Week

1st March – Pig Day
1st March – Share a Smile Day
1st March – Peanut Butter Lovers Day
1st March – Salem Witch Trials
1st March – Silly Putty Debut

2nd March – Dr Seuss’s Birthday

3rd March – World Maths Day

3rd March – World Book Day

4th March – The Big Dunk Athone

6th March – Oreo Cookies Invented

8th March – Pancake Day
8th March – Mari Gras

9th March – World Science Day
9th March – Barbie Doll Debut

11th March – First Basket Ball Game

14th March – Pi Day
14th March – International Ask a Question Day
14th March – Potato Chip Day

15th – 19th March – Brain Awareness Week

16th March – World Spelling Day

17th March – St Patrick’s Day
17th March – Rubber Band Invented

18th March – Red Nose Day
18th March – Johnny Apple Seed Day

20th March – Story Telling Day
20th March – Spring Equinox
20th March – Big Birds Birthday

21st March – World Poetry Day
21st March – World Forestry Day

22nd March – Goof Off Day
22nd March – National Sing out Day

23rd March – Toast Day

24th March – Chocolate Coated Raisin Day

26th March – Make up your own Holiday day
26th March – Earth Hour

27th March – British Summer Time Begins

28th March – something on a stick day

29th March – Coca Cola was invented