I’ve decided to take enjoying life to the next level and give myself an excuse to have a party :).

I thought it would be cool to rope the family into celebrating festivals, celebrations and national days for a laugh :)

I’ve been looking on the Internet and there are some weired stuff out there I collated a list of some of the more fun events to celebrate next month in February.

I hope you will join us in celebrating these weird and wonderful celebrations in your own way.


The whole of February is embroidery month and snack food month both sounds good to me :)

2nd February Ground Hog Day

3rd February is the Chinese new year, year of the Rabbit
3rd February Elmo’s Birthday. Every body should celebrate Elmo’s birthday :)

5th February World Nutella Day

8th February National Bagel day

Groundhog Day

9th February national sing up day

10th February is Umbrella day

11th February national Doodle Day
11th February national inventors Day

13th February different name day

Nutella Day

14th February is Valentines day for all the lovers out there

14th – 21st is National nest box week in the UK when we make nest boxes for our feathered friends ready for the birds mating season https://www.bto.org/about-birds/nnbw

15th February gumdrop day

17th February Chinese lantern festival

20th February hoodi hoo day
20th – 26th February national engineers week

Chinese New Year

21st – 28th February is National Chip Week here in the UK we love or chips and I’ve just discovered there is a whole week dedicated to Chips, that will put a smile on your face

22nd February world thinking day

26th carnival day

27th no brainier day

Chinese Lantern Festival