Photography makes me happy so I thought I would share my Photographs I took at Gibraltar Point nature reserve here in the UK.

Chiffchaff Picture

Funny story about Gibraltar Point, A few years ago a lorry driver traveled all the way from Turkey to Gibraltar Point to discover when he got here, after crossing land and sea with his cargo of 4×4 vehicles, that he was meant to go to the Rock of Gibraltar in Spain, the poor mans sat nav had taken him 1,600 miles in the wrong direction, OOPS.

Any way back to my pictures :-)

I think I’ve labeled them right but I’m not 100% sure I’m no expert, I had to identify them from a bird book so they could be wrong :-)

Spotted Flycatcher Picture
Whitethroat Picture

I’m proud of these photos, its really difficult to take a good clear picture of small birds, they tend to stay well hidden and if you do spot them they move around a lot.

I know the Chiffchaff is identified correctly you can’t mistake that little bird call, I managed to take this picture thanks to my hubby who recorded the chiffchaff singing and played it back, snapped a shot when it came to investigate :-)

White Flower Spring Image

Great picture of a Spotted flycatcher, first time I’ve seen one of these little birds, although I could have seen loads and just not noticed, they’re not very colourful but they have a lovely song which is what drew me to it.

Sheep in Woods Image

White throat this little guy didn’t care we were snapping his picture, he was busy defending it’s territory happily flying in front of us from tree to tree.

My favourite picture of the day wasn’t in the trees but was tucked away out of site on the ground, deep in the undergrowth where I spotted a black slug eating a mushroom.

Black Slug Eating Mushroom Picture

Photography has been a hobby of mine for around 7 years (boy as it been that long) after buying a new camera last year the Fujifilm FinePix HS20EXR Digital Camera my passions has been stifled.

This fuji camera is not a good camera and has resulted in me becoming frustrated, it’s taken away a lot of the pleasure of photography for me and has resulted in my enthusiasm for photograph is wavering, so it felt good to take some good shots.

Pheasant Flying Picture

What hobbies make you happy, write and tell me about them below. I’d love to know what makes you happy.