Had a great day today:-) it snowed last night so I went out side to play with my youngest.
I spent 2hrs out there I haven’t had that much fun in ages we built a snow man and played loads of snow games.

we had a snowball-fight, played a target game, threw two snowball and tried to smash them in the middle, we threw one snow ball between us until it disintegrated, threw snowballs at the house to see who’s snowball went the highest I felt like a kid again :-).


My son and I tried to threw snowballs at a bucket trying to knock it over, but we where that bad a shot we ended up throwing them in the bucket, so we changed the game to throwing snowballs in the bucket and we kept knocking it over, Go figure :-) We had a right laugh.

Funniest moment a man who happened to be walking passed decided to join in on our fun while we where playing pass the snow ball to each other, he throws me his snow ball high in to the air and as I catch it disintegrates on contact right in my face “are you alright love, I’m so sorry” he says “that’s alright, don’t worry about it” I reply “but your rubbish at making snowballs” :-). He agreed then made a quick exit down the road.

It wasn’t the first or the last time that day I ended up with a with a wet face and my ears full of snow.
I had so much fun I feel on cloud nine :-).

I didn’t want the day to end I came in tired, but happy