Happy November, for us in the UK it means Bonfire Night is fast approaching, but don’t worry there is still lots to celebrate that everyone can take part in, so here is a list of the fun celebration you can celebrate in November.

Month Long Observations : International Drum Month

Week Long Observations : 2nd week in November Children’s book week

Things to do every day :

2nd November Cookie Monsters Birthday
2nd November Deviled Eggs Day

3rd November Sandwich Day

4th November National Candy Day

5th November Guy Fawkes Day also known as Bonfire Night
5th November Donut Day

6th November Basketball Day

7th November Hug a Bear Day
7th November Magazine Day

9th November Day Parade Day

10th November Sesame Street Day

12th November Chicken Soup for the Soul Day

13th November Fantasia Day
13th November Mom and Dads Day

14th November Clean out your Refrigerator Day

15th November Pack your Mom Lunch Day

16th November Button Day

17th November Home Made Bread Day
17th November Take a Hike Day

18th November Mickey Mouses Birthday
18th November William Tell Day

19th November Play Monopoly Day

21st November Hello Day

24th November Thanks Giving

25th November Parfait Day

26th November Cake Day

30th November Stay at Home Day