Dude you have a Lettuce on your Head :)

We all know E-fits of crime suspects don’t look anything like the perpetrator, but this is Hilarious.

Lettuce Head E-Fit

I think if there was someone walking around with a lettuce for hair and no ears, he would have been stopped by the fashion police years ago :)

I laughed out loud when I saw this on Sky News, my hubby even recorded it for me, so I didn’t miss it.

Hampshire police have defended their decision to release the Lettuce Hair E-fit of a suspect who stole £60 from an elderly lady’s handbag after he had finished some garden work for her.

The Elderly lady told the police that the man had wavy blond or grey hair, but a computer glitch made him have Bright Lime Green hair.

The E-fit is causing much laughter among residents in Stockbridge, Hampshire

David Cameron E-Fit

If you ask me it looks like Prime Minister David Cameron with an allotment on his head, I could imagine the police asking the old lady “what was you doing ma-rm, while the crime was happen”, “well I was Watching the news and making a salad and I looked up and saw him running from my yard” LOL.

We shouldn’t laugh, but it’s so funny.