I’ve just spent 10 wonderful minutes playing with the google doodle Stanislaw Lem’s Google Doodle has to be the best so far that I have come across, really unique and loads of fun.

It’s the first Google Doodle I’ve ever played around with that gets you thinking while entertaining you at the same time.

You have to do simple tasks to complete a robot.

Stanislaw Lem was a science fictions writer in the 1950-1960 wrote Solaris I’ve seen the film with George Clooney in it, didn’t like it, I think I turned it off 3/4 way through the film, but I at least learned who Stanislaw Lem was today :)

There has been a few good Google Doodle this year in 2011, there getting more sophisticated in the way you can now interact with the google doodle, remember way back when they where just nice drawing :) here are some of my favourites that I’ve enjoyed and have taken me back a few minutes to being a kid again and wasting my time on fun, Thanks google doodles :).