I love Halloween it’s my favourite time of the year but this year I thought I had to miss out.

I had loads of plans for a fun filled week but I have caught a cold and I sprained my neck, shoulder, back and arm by sleeping funny, so there is was to be no pumpkin carving, dancing or fun of any description for me this year :(

Halloween Family Picture

I was really upset at the idea of doing nothing for halloween, all the fun I had planned would have to wait for another year, but my hubby came to the rescue and took me out for a slow walk around town dressed in our halloween costumes :)

We took pictures of ourselves striking silly poses around Skeg, I loved it!

I was in a lot of pain when I got home and my sprained shoulder is moaning at me today for going, but it was a worth it.

A Wonderful Halloween Treat, my hubbies is fun loving and so awesome :)