Hey Happy People!

I thought I’d let you know about a great site called Happy Rambles, it’s a website that promotes Positive Gratitude to help people appreciate the little things in their life.

Happy Rambles is 100% free to sign up to and can be found here: happyrambles.com – site is offline :-(

Keep Smiling

The site gives you your own privet journal that you can write in each day about all the good things no matter how small in your day that made you happy.

How it works:

Every night they will email you the question “What are you grateful for today?” Reply with three to five things and your entry is immediately stored in your own private, secure and personal online gratitude journal. That’s it!

Remember your attitude of gratitude.

You can easily access your past gratitude journal entries, if your too busy to check no worries Happy Rambles will include a random entry you submitted in your daily email from your journal so you can remember all the good stuff from your past.

Your account is totally private, but you can choose to share your entries with friends and family and send it them via email.

What a great idea everyone should sign up.

I think I’ll start a Happy Rambles section on my site since that’s what happy Karma Blog is all about :)

Think I’ll call mine mini moments of happiness.

If you would like to share 3 good things that happened to you in a day in your life then leave a comment, I’d love to hear about what makes/made you happy today.