The guys and gals of HMS Ocean sent their families a Christmas Message to remember by telling them they were coming home for Christmas from active duty with a funny YouTube video.

The sailors made a funny version of Mariah Carey Christmas Hit ‘All I Want For Christmas’ and has become a YouTube sensation with over a million hits.

It made me smile, something tells me with some of those dodgy outfits they were wearing they needed to come home, I think a few of them might have been suffering from cabin fever or should that be disco fever :-)

Loved the Sailor in the bath and his cheeky wink at the bell boy :-), looks like they were working on this video for their friends and family for quiet some time with the effort making props some of them went to, too make the video perfectly lovable and fun.

The sailors have been on board HMS Ocean for 8 months when there original 7 week service on board was extended.

There has been lots of messages left by well wishes and fans, they even had a message left by Mariah Carey herself on their YouTube wall, Awesome :-)

The video has been on the English news all day today as the country waited for the ship to dock. We all wanted to see the YouTube stars reunited with their families.

I wish them all well and I hope all of them have a Very Merry Christmas and a great month off from active duty, Thanks fellas/ladies not only do you do us all a great service in the British Navy you made us laugh too :-).