Hot Rock Massage mmmm …..

I’m feeling really relaxed after my hubby surprised me with a hot rock massage.

About a week ago we went to the beach and he spent all his time looking for flat rock, he said it was for something he had planned for me, I’ve spent a week looking at them peering at me on our shelf.

Hot Rock Massage

I had no idea what he planned to do with them, but boy when I found out I was as happy as a mum who’d found herself on a desert island sipping an ice tea on the beach :)

So your challenge is to make someone you love happy by giving them a hot rock massage.

You could even take them on a great day out to the beach and surprise them with a hot rock massage as a treat when you get home, trust me it will make them really happy, or you could just dig them up in the in the back yard :)

You only need tepid warm water about the same temperature you would have for a babies bath to warm the rocks, dry them off with a cloth and then place them on your partners back, simple.

Make sure you wash the rocks first :)