We spent the whole day building a Giant Paper Christmas Tree.

It looks fabulous!

Giant Paper Christmas Tree

This is how we made it.

What you Will Need to make a Giant Paper Christmas Tree:

A roll of plain wallpaper (cost about £1 from B&Q)
Rolls of Wrapping Paper

How to Make a Giant Christmas Tree

Cut 4 big squares of the plain wall paper the width of the roll across by 56cm length and tape them together on both sides to for a Big Square

Roll the 4 squares into a cone by starting at a corner and rolling into a Christmas tree shape tape at the top and bottom to secure the cone, reinforce with more tape in intervals down the edge of the cone so it want come undone.

How to Decorate your Giant Christmas Tree

Roll off 30cm of Christmas Wrapping Paper and cut.

Fold the Wrapping Paper in half.

put a little tape on each corner so the Christmas paper want move.

Cut up lines into the Christmas wrapping paper halfway up the paper along the folded edge.

Tape to the Christmas Tree Cone you made earlier.

keep going until your Giant Christmas tree is covered all over.

You can use any combination of Christmas Wrapping Paper you like. When you are finished your giant paper Christmas tree should be able to stand on it’s own directly on the floor and will be about 4′-ish in height.

Giant Paper Christmas Tree

If you want to make it bigger you can use the inner tube rolls of the Christmas Paper to make a pole or a stick to lift your tree higher.

To secure the tree place the pole in a big deep square box stuffed with news paper weighted down with something heavy or a bucket of sand.

There are plenty of how to make a paper Christmas tree online I’ve not found one for a Giant Paper Christmas Tree like ours, but the principle of making a big paper Christmas is the same as a small one to get you started.