I’ve been stuck in bed for 3 weeks with pain in my knees missing out on the sunshine and fun then when I could walk it decided to be high winds and rain for 7 days none stop, which means I’ve been stuck indoors for a month!

Last night in the evening around 6 o’clock it stopped raining so we went to a nature reserve to recharge our batteries. I have to say one of the things that makes me really unhappy in life are people and having to walk around my town for a week in bad weather no less really showed me how crummy people are, so we needed to get back to nature and forget humans exist for a while and boy did mother nature deliver :-)

Not only did we have the entire place to ourselves, as we pulled into the car park we saw a male and female bull finch which we haven’t seen in 20 years, a tawny owl flew out of a tree in front of us, a fox next to us, a bird of prey, oyster catchers in a field, a barn owl and a tawny owl fighting in the sky and I got to poke, I mean examine an owl pelt I found on the floor, which was awesome.

On our way home my hubby drove through all the puddles on the side of the road because he knows I like it :-)

To top off last night, this morning I pulled back the curtains and the sun was shinning with not a cloud in the sky, I rushed outside with my pjs’ on and felt the warm sunshine on my skin, I took in a deep breath and I could smell summer at long last in the air.

I’m feel happy yeah, yeah, yeah. I feel happy yeah, yeah, yeah :-) What made you happy today!