My husband attacked me in the early hours of this morning,

With a Pillow :-)

He read on my calendar it was international pillow fight day so he surprised me with a spontaneous pillow fight, luckily I hadn’t been asleep long :-)

Boy is Pillow fighting tiring, they should run pillow fighting exercise classes :-)

If your lucky enough to live somewhere they organise a massive pillow fight in the street “Go! what are you waiting for” your guaranteed to have a good time hitting strangers in the head with harmless pillows, check out the official international pillow fight website site, People from all over the world take part in this fun event.

If like me you live in a town filled with old people and if you hit one of them with a pillow it would probably break a hip or two :-) then gather together your family and friends and have a mass pillow fight in your garden.

Hitting your loved ones, I’m told, is good therapy, helps with pent-up irritations without hurting them that you’ve been holding onto all year like, when your sister wore your favourite shirt without asking or you was the one yet again who had to take the dog for a walk.

Don’t hit them to hard though, remember you do Love them :-)

You’ll be laughing together within seconds, great thing about a pillow fight it doesn’t need to be international pillow fight day to do it, you can have a pillow fight anytime you feel like it.

Have Fun!