There was lots of art on display to see during the Skegness SO Festival, one of our favourites was Jon Legge’s camera obscura.

Jon Legge's Camera Obsura

We had never seen anything like it before, I got some great photographs of our son and Jon the creator :).

The camera obscura was cool!

At the end of the pier was a brightly painted shed in pink and purple stripes, but the real fun was when you went inside.

SO Festival Jon Legge Camera Obscura

On first inspection it was an empty shed with a large white panel along one side, Jon Legge closed the door and we were plunged into darkness except for a hole in the side of the shed where Jon placed a lens and before our eyes the Skegness Beach was displayed on the large white panel opposite complete with rotating Ferris wheel.

We could see families playing on the beach, kites and seagulls in the sky everything that was going on outside we could see inside the garden shed, the only difference to the real skegness beach was it was all upside down :)

Camera Obscura Skegness Pier

Camera Obscures project an image onto a screen using natural light that is shone through a lens, just like the lens in your eye, Jon Legge told us years ago many seaside towns had camera obscures as entertainment, people would look and see an image projected upside down before their eyes.

I have to say I think camera obscures still would be great fun to have in seaside towns today, it’s a shame that this simple idea has been lost to more elaborate technologies.

Jon Legge Camera Obscura Skegness Pier SO Festival

Jon Legge’s Camera Obscura was pretty awesome our son liked it a lot, if you held a white piece of card in front of the screen you could pull the image away from the screen using the white card, giving the illusion of picking up the Ferris wheel or people on the beach, suspended on the card in your hand.

The best part for me was when the Jon Legge stood our son outside and his image was projected onto the screen, I got some good photographs, I think my hubbies face in the photograph says how much fun we had playing around with the obscured image of our son :).

SO Festival Camera Obscura Skegness Pier

Loved that we could interact with the art, in fact the camera obscura was the only art available during the SO you could interact with, I know Lina Erikson a graffiti artist had a little girl go up to her when I was there and ask if she could have a go, Lina told her she could do it at home if they got themselves a piece of wood to draw on?

Well done Jon for thinking outside the box or perhaps that should have been inside the shed :) we appreciated being apart of the art.

Jon Legge is a Photography teacher at Nottingham University check out his website here at : he has some pretty awesome projects I love the picture of the Disgusto-Scope.

I should have asked for some tips on photography :)

Jon Legge’s Camera obscura was definitely one of the best art installation at the SO Festival for us, I’m glad we went down their and discovered this hidden gem at the end of the cold and breezy Skegness Pier :)

SO Festival Skegness