I was browsing TV channels and Stumbled upon Sky Arts Channel where I discovered a program Called Concrete Canvas.

The program was about the amazing Pavement artist Julian Beever who produces 3D drawings using his own self taught technics.

Julian Beever Waterfall

Julian Beever’s work is Amazing and I’ve enjoyed watching his program Concrete Canvas as he draws on pavements across the world.

I decided to paint a picture on my concrete paths that surround my home years ago, but I just haven’t got around to it yet :(

I don’t think I will be able to produce anything as stunning as Julian Beevers work since I will have to use paint which is a hard and sometimes unforgiving medium to use, I also have a problem with perspective at the best of times, let alone trying out a technic that distortes perspective to such extremes.

Julian Beever Giant Frog
Julian Beever Giant Baby

I have seen the work of a pavement artist called Ra Kajol, he painted a picture in my home town during the SO Festival which took place in 2010 in Skegness

The art work by Ra Kajol which was featured on Tower Espalade in Skegness was colorful and a lot of people in the town wished it would have been a permanent feature. It added interest to the town and the tourists loved taking there picture on it, but alas the work by Ra Kajol was painted in washable paint and has now faded and is almost gone one month on from the SO Festival :(

Skegness Traffic Art
Ra Kajol Peacock

I have to say both Julian Beever and Ra Kajol must have real self control and an easy going nature, since I don’t think I would be able to spend so much time producing a breath taking peace of art for it to be washed away either by the elements or deliberately :(

I think it’s a shame more art like Julian Beevers Work isn’t encouraged by councils here in the UK.

I think Julian Beever’s work is stunning and a lot of fun to look at. I wish I was one of the lucky few who gets to take a photograph or even be in one of Julian Beever’s photo’s of his fantastic pieces of Art.

Julian Beever Monsters Beneath
Julian Beever Larger
Julian Beever Pavement Art
Julian Beever Shark

I’ve added a couple of my own Art Quotes below, if you have any of you’re own feel free to comment below.

“Art is unappreciated by society, but without it the world would be void of beautiful interest.”

“The appreciation of Art has been consumed by the stupid and abandoned by the rational.”

“If Art strokes the ego of critics, then art has lost it’s true meaning to exist.”

Julian Beever Batman and Robin
Julian Beever Snowman