Total Brilliance!

100% fun entertainment.

I’ve been meaning to post these on Happy Karma blog for some time.

My son sent me the link from uni the best musical face off I’ve ever seen, well the only one actually, but it’s awesome :)

Who says teenagers are nothing but trouble makers, it must have taken them ages to make these videos and I can’t think of a better way to spend your time.

I have to admit it’s the only time I would listen to a Justine Bieber song more of a Rock Chic myself ‘:)’

These kids are really talented wicked musical ability and great video editing = top rate entertainment

For me Kurt wins the play off, but I love Jake’s squeaky toy wheel the ‘SQUEAKAPHONE’, who would have thought you could make music from squeaky toys! if I’d have known that it would have made raising kids a whole lot easier because lets face it those thing are irritating and are the perfect way for a parent to get a migraine :)

Also likes Jake’s Zither, oh I don’t know who’s best their both great :)

Thanks Kurt and Jake you make my day every time I view these :)