The finalists will be going head to head on Saturday

all 6 acts are ready to go

Comic Relief Celebrity week one winners where Russell Kane he will be putting on his mini skirt and giving Beyonce a run for her money shaking his booty performing Beyonce’s ‘Crazy in Love’

Katy Price hasn’t shaved her top lip for a few weeks so she can be a dead ringer for Freddy Mercury when she performs ‘I Want To Break Free’ :)

Comic Relief Celebrity Week Two Winners James Thornton and Charlie Baker I was surprised to see this dance performance win, I thought LULU was a lot funnier and deserved to go through, but their you go, I guess they got the old folk vote. I have no idea who these guys are, never seen them before.

My personal favourite performance in week two was Noel Fielding performing Kate Bush’s “Wuthering Heights” hilarious and he looked lovely he could have been Kate Bush’s Twin sister :)

Comic Relief Let’s Dance Week three Winners Where Ade Edmondson who performed “The Dying Swan” Very Funny and he deserved to win that night, not so sure about at the end when he gets hit with a frying pan thought it went on a bit long and lost the comedy, not to mention he actually got hit in the head! he had a big whelp on his fore head ‘ OUCH’

The 80’s super group who where made up of Pop Stars from the 80’s went through with their performance of Grease Lightning

So there you have it 6 acts go through on Let’s Dance for Comic Relief, but only one can be the all out winner. The choice is yours :)