The highlight of the Olympic Opening ceremony (and who ever came up with the idea should be knighted :-)) was the lighting of the Olympic Cauldron, it was both elegant and powerful.

The simple approach brought the symbol of the Olympics back to basics. For to many years the lighting of the cauldron has been all about the spectacle, becoming more and more elaborate with each Olympic games and some how loosing it’s meaning in the showmanship but the London Olympics big moment was much more poignant than I have ever seen.

Usually a current athlete is chosen to light the cauldron in the stadium, but the UK choose it’s young, it chose the future!

Having 7 young athletes, the stars of future Olympics light the cauldron was perfect, these youngsters names will be on the lips of the world in future Olympic games and the light was passed on to the next generation by the last. it was so moving I got goosebumps

The cauldron itself, WOW! there’s no other way to describe it. To have each country carry a golden petal and have those petals form into the Olympic cauldron couldn’t have been more fitting, It symbolised the essence of the Olympics.

The union of the world, each country coming together to partake in something bigger than themselves. I got a tingling spin as the small petals were raised into the air to form one big cauldron, WOW, simply awe-inspiring.

Best thing about the Golden petals that made the London Olympic Cauldron, each one will be given as a gift for the participating countries to take back home with them after the games, how awesome is that :-)

Never have I seen a more emotional olympic cauldron ceremony than London’s epic display

It was a good opening ceremony and the good news is there’s more to see with the Olympic Closing ceremony and the Para Olympics Opening and closing ceremonies. Boy I’m going to be busy :-)