I’ve just posted on face book

‘Your own little piece of heaven is when: You have your town all too yourself late at night and you run and jump into as many virgin snow patches you can find along the sea front while holding your partners hand, then get home grab a hot chocolate and settle down to watch Being Human on TV’ :-)

It got me thinking what’s your Little Piece of Heaven?

That one perfect moment that makes you feel happy and alive.

Playing in the snow always makes me feel like a kid, I couldn’t sleep from excitement of knowing it was going to be a perfect snow day in the morning. I spent 4 1/2 hours playing in the snow building snowmen and having snowball fights with the family that day. I was exhausted but happy :-)

I did all that and still went out at around 9ish in the evening and ran around jumping and running in every piece of snow I could find that no one else had walked through on the beach, even though I said I wouldn’t to myself before I left the house :-).

I’m feeling it this morning and I’m paying the price for over indulging in fun this morning, every muscle in my body is aching.

This is complete heaven to me, playing in the snow, but what do you think is heavenly? drop me a comment below.

You never know your idea of heaven could bring happiness to someone else who reads it and inspire them to discover there own little piece of heaven.