I took some great photographs of the Living Statue in Skegness yesterday.

I love the reaction of the crowd to the Bronze Angel kids seem to love her, she really should have her eyes open since some cheeky little ermmm…. ‘Monkeys’ have clicked on, that they can drop anything in the bowl and get a pebble.

Angel-in Skegness

I love seeing her and I always put in pounds not pennies when I see her, couldn’t get near her though yesterday there was lines of kids dropping pennies, amongst other things in her bowl, every time I tried to throw some money in the bowl another swarm of people would appear and cut me off.

I’ll just put double in the next time I see her :)

I got some good photographs of the crowd, favourite has to be the photograph where it looks like she’s about to pick up an old man in the background, see if you can spot it :)

Angel Living Statue in Skegness
Skegness Street Artist
Bronze Angel Skegness
Skegness Angel
Street Artist In Skegness
Living Statue Skegness
Skegness Living Angel