Happy New Year

OMG the London’s New Years Eve Fireworks were tremendous!

The BBC filmed it perfectly.

The music was Brilliant! nice and modern celebrating to the world what we do best and what makes us number one in the world our music industry.

Zoomed out camera angles means we got to see the whole display. Nothing more irritating then missing all the action because there to zoomed in to close.

Really liked that they didn’t concentrate on the crowd this year. I hate it when they show people in the crowd.

When you have a 10 minute firework display looking at the crowd is so annoying if you was there you wouldn’t be looking at the crowd so why show them to us.

We don’t want to see some idiot enjoying something many of us will never experience, we’re watching for the fireworks not the crowd.

An estimated 1 million people were at the themes watching the fireworks in London which means 69 million people in the UK are at home watching it on TV so it was a relief to see the BBC didn’t show the crowd to often, personally I would prefere not at all, but a panned out shot wasn’t to bad for a second.

A big thank you to the BBC for not having some annoying presenter doing a running commentary. voice overs while the Fireworks are on is awful, listening to music was so much better.

And to make it even better Edinburgh’s fireworks wasn’t on a split screen at the same time as London which meant after watching the London Fireworks on a full screen, we also got to see Edinburgh fireworks in full too.

Get rid of the ticker tape going across the bottom of the screen telling us about all the bad news in the world while the fireworks was on and it would have been spot on.

A great job done, much better than Sky news. I guess the BBC have the best camera men and technicians.

Also congratulations for showing other firework and celebrations around the world in full, I had a great night watching from home.